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Reverend Nicole is an Ordained Interfaith Minister and available to serve your spiritual needs through Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals, Spiritual Counseling, Classes, and Spiritual Workshops. Rev. Nicole was Ordained by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York and is a minister registered with the State of Ohio.

Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals, Crafted Just for You

Working with your ceremony officiant is an important component of the celebration, and having the right person in that position can make beautiful memories that last a lifetime. Your officiant shouldn’t be a random stranger who helps you “seal the deal” and pronounces you a married couple or someone who simply recites the facts of your loved one’s life. The person you trust to join your lives, memorialize your loved one, or bless the life of your child should be caring and honest, and value the weight of responsibility of their chosen path. As an Interfaith minister and ceremony officiant, I will see you as you are and co-create the ceremony of your dreams.

Weddings, Vow Renewals, Commitment Ceremonies

I love helping people have the ceremony of their dreams! Sacred? Secular? Eclectic religious affiliation, no religious affiliation, or from different cultures? Together, we will craft the wedding, vow renewal, or commitment ceremony that expresses exactly who you are and how you love each other. It’ll be deeply meaningful and honor your past, present, and future together.

Funerals – Memorial Services – Celebrations of Life

Sometimes the end of life can be the most tender time of life. It’s a period of time when you feel intense emotions and have a lot of decisions to make at the same time. You want to have the most beautiful tribute for your loved one, but the pressure of decisions and pace of timing can interfere with the process. I can help guide you through the process of preparing for your loved one’s end of life and craft a ceremony that is truly worthy of your trust and honors his/her life.

Baby Blessings – Family Blessings – Pet and Animal Companion Blessings

Having a child or bringing new life into a family is an exciting time for everyone! Let’s take a moment to celebrate that new beginning with a naming and blessing ceremony. Pets are people too! Do you want to honor your beloved companion animals with a special blessing or ceremony? I am available for pet adoption and naming blessings, prayers for healing and ceremonies to aid in and honor your pet’s transition.

A few other services I’m available and ready to provide…

Rites of Passage Preparation and Ceremonies
House, New Home Blessings
Sermons, Inspirational Talks

Let’s get together and talk!

Spiritual Counseling/Companionship – The Sacred Journey

When people experience adversity in life, it is sometimes difficult for them to see beyond the present moment or current situation. Holding a vision of another person’s wholeness is to see that person beyond the present situation or issue at hand. Spiritual counseling is not about making people into someone or something I choose for them. It is about my seeing them whole and helping them reach their own wholeness in who they are, as they are, not who I think they should be. 

As a spiritual counselor or companion, I see that other person’s worth, integrity, the things he or she might not be able to see right at that moment, and reflect their wholeness back to them helping them begin to awaken to that self-knowledge. We spend time exploring the situation(s) and use prayer, meditation, mindfulness strategies, and rituals to aid the process of healing.

Sessions are private and always confidential.

What is Interfaith?

“Interfaith” is not a blending of religions so much as the belief that there is Wisdom and Truth in, and common to, all religions. Firmly rooted in our own faith paths, Interfaith ministers study and value all religions and live and teach those underlying commonalities to bring peace and understanding to the world. We are ministers and members of our respective religions who see and believe we are All One, and we celebrate all of our various cultures and walks of life. Whether you are an actively practicing member of a religion, identify as Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR), Atheist, Agnostic, or your family includes various ethnic backgrounds and religions, you matter.

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